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Vocational Service Day

Director of Vocational Services, Jim Fitzpatrick, arranged for a great presentation by Sandra Varela the Director of the CalWORKS program at Delta College.  Each year during the month of February, Rotary recognizes the Vocational Service area.  Click here for a brief presentation on Rotary's Vocational Service.  Through Vocational Service Rotary: Serves others by using the unique skills of its members to address community needs; Empowers others through training and skill development, and Inspires others to act with integrity by following Rotary’s guiding principles.

CalWORKS is a State administered program which is operated at the local levels by a variety of organizations.  Sandra provided interesting information on the program, its participants and its goals.  Her PPT presentation (converted to a PDF document for easy viewing and downloading) can be viewed by clicking on the image to the right.

The San Joaquin Delta College CalWORKs Program is committed to helping students achieve success in their education, careers and personal lives by referring them to campus programs and community agencies. Over 15 years ago the San Joaquin Delta College CalWORKs Program, working with a small leaflet of community agency names and phone numbers, recognized the need for a comprehensive directory of all of the resources available within San Joaquin County. The staff members of the CalWORKs Program at San Joaquin Delta College set out searching the county for any and all non-profit agencies, organizations and programs that provide services to individuals in need. The Community Connections Resource Directory was born. Since that time, the Directory has grown to over 690 programs. It is updated annually, over a period of five to six months, and while the time and cost involved is tremendous, it is truly a labor of love, because we understand the extreme benefit to our students, and the community at large.

The Community Connections Bridging Resources is the Delta College website that provides information to the community on all that the program has to offer. The categories include all shown below.  A person can search each of these areas to find what they need.

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