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Shriner's Hospital for Children Sacramento

July 25th's Lodi Rotary meeting featured Janessa Pulido, from the Shriner's Hospital for Children (SHFC) in Sacramento. They were ranked the Best Children's Hospital by US News and World Report for 2018-19. She shared with our club the many great things the hospital does for children. She also shared a video that gave an overview of the services provided.

They provide specialized Pediatric Care that includes Orthopedics, Burns, Spinal Cord Injury, Plastic Surgery, Cleft Lip Surgery, and Pediatric Surgery. SHFC is one of 22 hospitals in the world and what is remarkable is that they do not charge for their services.

If you know of someone needing their services call Patient Referral (916) 453-2191. If you would like to help them you can donate (916) 453-2321 volunteer 2087 or assist with community outreach 2018.

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