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RYLA 2020

Here are pictures from the RYLA presentation Thursday, January 30, 2020.  Here are some pictures to the right of the meeting.  We had almost 50 people in attendance.  The event was coordinated by Mike Smith and Greg Evans.

Below are lists of the students going this year:

Juniors who are going this year:

  • Benjamin Ky

  • Tyler Meehleis

  • Victor Plunkett

  • Brock Shipley

  • Pamela Decko

  • Zion King

  • Naomi Raphael

  • AnneMarie VanMeter

Here is a list of the Seniors that attended last year.

  • Seniors who went last year:

  • Elizabeth Decko

  • Erin Redding

  • Clair Selna

  • Colby Collins

  • Jesus Santillan

Ryla next session1.jpeg

Alexander Elrod - Lodi HS (G12)  RYLA Alumni

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