Our Projects

Below is a listing of projects we have completed.

Boxes were packed and delivered to Lodi Shut-Ins on Labor Day.  The next shipment will be for Halloween.  Melanie Toutai will be heading up this effort and providing ideas to us for things to be donated.

Bob, Chris and (the master builder) built, filled and delivered the completed rolling planter to Needham School.  Thanks to Bob the master gardener and Chris the soil master and giver of soil the children will enjoy learning about gardening firsthand.

Needham School
Ebeneezer Orphanage

Funds have been collected for Jeni Elson's Ebeneezer Orphanage in Ethiopia. Approximately, $1600 went with Jeni in the form of clothes, shoes, and cash.

Lodi Shut-Ins

Lodi Rotary Club in conjunction with Needham School is conducting a unique "race" to feed 40 needy families this Thanksgiving!  In partnership with Lodi's Needham school, headed by Principal Ruth Barajas, Lodi Rotarians will be assembling Thanksgiving Food Baskets and will be delivering them the Tuesday before Thanksgiving this year.


Lodi Rotary is underwriting the cost of this project but is also accepting food donations. If you would like to donate or if you have questions, please call Lodi Rotarian Phil Sherwood at (916) 759-4158.

Water Projects
Inaugural Turkey Trot
Jim Elliot Garden

On November 13, 2017, the Lodi Rotary Club and the San Joaquin Master Gardeners cooperated to assist the Life skills Class at Jim Elliot High School plant a garden. Chef James Williams lead the group along with Bob Slayback, Rotarian & Master Gardener. Plants were donated by Bonnie Plants. Raised planters were built out of wood that was salvaged from portable buildings that were torn down.

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