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October 24, 2019

This meeting was devoted to raising awareness of Polio and the need to eradicate it.  Rotary has been fighting to eradicate Polio and with the help of Bill and Melinda Gates have made significant head way.  But much still remains to be done.  Click here for the presentation made by the Club President Mike Hodge.

Julie Damron brought in nail polish and at the end of the meeting members had their pinky finger painted and made donations to the Rotary International Polio Fund.  Pictured on the right in the first photo are Rev. Dr. George Edd-Bennett being inducted into the club with his sponsor Jerry Fry.  President Mike Hodge is reading the induction ceremony.  On the photo on the far right George is making some introductory statements to the club.

George is a past member of the Sanger and Fairfield Rotary Clubs and served as President for the Sanger Club. George is a Paul Harris fellow and Senior Pastor of the United Methodist Church in Lodi.  He has lived in Lodi for a little over a year.

Second row pictures: President shaking Doug Holck's hand.  Doug won the 50/50 raffle.  Next is Jerry Fry giving an overview of the Stockton PD Chaplain's dinner in Stockton last week.  Far right is Rev. Dave Thompson ringing the bell for the wonderful vacation he and his family took on an all inclusive cruise.

Third row is Julie Damron ringing the bell in recognition of Tom Stokes recent induction into the SJ County Agriculture Hall of Fame and for the 16  Rotarians that have been inducted into the SJ County Agriculture Hall of Fame. Last picture is of Unicorn Rev. George with the President.

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