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 Lodi Board of Directors July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

Presidents: Joe Cotta, Jerry fry, Doug Holck, Chris Littlefield, Mike Smith

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Jerry Fry.png
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Mike Smith.png

Executive Board of Directors: Dave Thompson (Sgt@Arms}, Julie Damron-Brown (Secretary), Brian Kanegawa (Treasurer), Matthew Lenser (Community Service), Nancy Byer-Hauan (Vocational Services), Cameron Bregman (Membership)

Dave Thompson.png
Julie Damron.png
Brian Kanegawa.png
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Cameron Bregman.jpg

Executive Board of Directors: Sherry Cotta (International Services and District Governor, Dave Lagorio (President Elect), Vern Vierra (President Elect Nominee), Mike Hodge (Past President)

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