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Love Lodi Day 2018

Lovie Lodi Day 2018 fell on April 14, 2018.  Rotary Club  583 stepped up again and helped Love Lodi Day with two planting projects - The entrance to Lodi Lake and City Hall.  Three fearless Rotarians led by Jim Fitzpatrick, reinforced by our fearless Norwegian President Kirk Stangeland and Worker Bee First Class Mike Hodge accomplished all of this in 3 short hours leaving time for coffee at Tillies.  With the help of the Lodi Girl Scouts knocked off the first project about 10 AM and moved on to the City Hall and helped with some more landscaping.  Our partners in this project were some young Mormon men who got the job done in no time while the three Rotarians cheered them on.  Below are two short videos and some pictures to commemorate the day. (And to think, with only one broken pipe:-)  Here is a link to the first video at Lodi Lake and the second video at City Hall.              

Love Lodi Day 2017

April 29, 2017 is Love Lodi Day.  This year the Lodi Rotary Club, meeting at Hutchins Stree Square received a request to raise the garden planters put in previously.  The residents were having problems bending over to do their gardening and planting.  So a fearless crew from the club took on the project. Kudos to the team - Joe Cotta, Doug Holck, Mike Hodge, Phil Lenser, Chris Littlefield, Kirk Stangeland, and Phil Felde.  The work of raising the planters and filling them with garden soil took 3 days to complete.  Pictures below show the work that was done.

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