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Lodi Wine and Beer Trail a Fund Raising Initiative

In the Spring of 2019, the Lodi Rotary Club set out to create a fund raising platform to raise money for local community projects.  As a result of meeting some dedicated Rotarians in Hamburg the President with the approval of the Executive Board created the Lodi Wine and Beer Trail (Trail) on the Donor Trail platform.  The potential to raise $10,000 a year exists with the support of club members getting behind the initiative.

The Donor Trail was started by four Rotarians with the initial launch of the first trails in Colorado.  They started with Ale and Beer Trails in Colorado and Washington.  They shared this fund raising idea with President Mike Hodge and subsequently was shared with the Executive Board, and from their the club decided to start the Rotary Trail.  It took several months to launch and to acquire business partners to support the trail. You can view the current business partners by following this link.

In early January an article appeared in the Panorama section of the Lodi Sentinel announcing the Trail's launch.  Click here to read the article. The logo for the trail appears on the right.

The trail was officially commemorated with a Kick Off party at Peltier Winery, Saturday, January 18, 2020.  The club president made a presentation to the attendees and answered questions from them.  Before the president got set up for the party a customer at Peltier started asking questions and thus the first purchaser of a Trail pass was made at the Kick off party.  A copy of the presentation is linked here for information. 

Also linked here is a brochure that can be printed out and distributed to potential business partners.

Here is the concept in a nutshell.  Potential trail users (called hikers) download the app for free from Apple or Google Play.  Once the app is downloaded the hiker goes to the Lodi Wine and Beer Trail, selects it and signs up. I the hiker has purchased a pass for $25, then they scratch off the cover over the code and enter it. Once entered they provide some basic information and they are good to go.  Passes can also be purchased on line with a credit card.

Business partners as they are known (wineries, breweries, restaurants, BnB's, hotels, etc.) offer a discount to hikers.  A screenshot of the Trail on a cell phone can be seen by clicking here.  Pictures of the webpage and the app appear on the right and below.  The Trail also has a FaceBook page, click here to see the page.  It is updated every time a new business joins.

The Trail is limited to businesses located in the Lodi Appellation.  A pictures of the Lodi AVA appears below.

Lodi Wine and Beer Trail_logo.png
map with logo.png
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