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Our Rotary Club received a presentation on the ABCD from Sheri Aguilar on Thursday, October 24, 2018. The ABCD program (Asset Based Community Development) is an innovative program modeled after similar programs established in cities nationwide.  It is organized by the Lodi Chamber of Commerce and supported by mini-grants of up to $500.  Individuals in the area form and develop project ideas and then apply for a grant.  If their grant is approved they receive leadership training and get connected to existing community resources to help implement the project.  Click the ABCD Video button to watch a short video desc

In the asset based development research initiated by Professors John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann, over 1,000 residents of 20 cities in 300 neighborhoods were interviewed and these are the basic findings about how assets build powerful neighborhoods.  They indicate the importance of people or groups that initiate a connecting process. (Lodi Chamber and City of Lodi)

  • The most powerful neighborhood is a place where neighbors are producers of the future rather than just victim, clients, or consumers.

  • The community is empowered to make the changes they see as important to them

  • Through mentoring, educating and empowering communities make improvements and as a result are strengthened.

You can help by donating to their cause (tax deductible gift, volunteering and getting involved in Cycle II, connecting them with a group or local business to spread the work and raise funds and inviting friends and family to attend an ABCD community improvement event.

Sheri Aguilar is one of the coordinators for the program and if you desire more information you can reach her at  Her presentation explaining how the program works can be viewed by clicking here.

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