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Lodi PD Chaplaincy, Presentation June 4, 2020

Amy Miranda Lodi PD Chaplain, gave a presentation today on the Lodi PD Chaplains program.  It got it's start in 1994 and currently has 5 chaplains on staff.  Chaplains must be pastors and undergo special training.  Here is a link to Lodi PD Chaplaincy webpage.  Chaplains are volunteers and do not receive any salary or stipends from the Lodi Police Department.

Purpose of Chaplains

Chaplains represent a wide variety of religious traditions and levels of professional preparation and endorsement. But when the chaplain is working in the law enforcement world, they are chaplains for everyone, not the religious leader of a particular tradition serving a particular congregation or service agency.

Chaplains spend many hours riding as active passengers with officers on patrol duty. Chaplains serve many personal and spiritual needs of individuals where they are, when they need the support of another person who comes to them without judgment, with openness, and cares for them until the crisis is over.

Chaplains respect the persons they serve, even though there may be profound differences in race, gender, economic status, religious experience, and many other factors.  Chaplains come at any hour, in all kinds of weather. Mostly, they listen. But they also comfort people who are shaking with fear with a gentle touch... or perhaps, if someone asks, a prayer will be offered in guarded privacy to support the trembling of spirit that comes in difficult moments.


Amy has an interesting, to say the least, background which uniquely qualifies her to be able to relate to peole.  Her past in cludes being a prior prostitute,  getting pregnant and moving in her with grandmother in Lodi.  Some 30 years ago she realized that Jesus died for the broken, and she was broken.  She met husband and he encouraged her to tell her story.  You can read her story by buying her book,  “From Prostitute to Pastor," In her book she documents the details of her remarkable transformation.

Click here to watch her tell her story to Steve Large, CBS 13, February 8, 2018.

Amy has left the ministry to start her own ministry Amy Miranda Ministries.

Here are some of the services the Chaplaincy provides:

Lodi PD Chaplains provide:

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Wedding

  • Home Visits

  • Spiritual Guidance

  • Critical Stress Management

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Counseling

  • Death Notifications

  • Assistance to Victims

  • Ride Alongs

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