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Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association

On June 27, 2019 we had David Wolfe, Legislation Director for the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer's Association (HJTA) present an overview on legislation that is pending before the CA Legislature. This is an area of legislation that affects all of us.  David stated that Proposition 13 is under attack and if it is overturned or amended we will end up or our children will end up paying more in property taxes.

Following the passage of Proposition 13 in June 1978, anti-tax activist Howard Jarvis founded an organization called the California Tax Reduction Movement. The goals of this organization were to protect Proposition 13 and further the "taxpayer revolt." Upon Jarvis's death in 1986, his former personal assistant, Joel Fox, took over as the organization's head, formally incorporating and changing its name to Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. Click here or on the image of the HJTA website to visit their website.

Bills that threaten homeowners and small businesses are currently moving through the legislature!  Click here or on the image of the "Taxpayer's Tools Page" to access the information on the website.


The new Legislature is dominated by pro-tax politicians who have a two-thirds super-majority in Sacramento. Bills that undermine the taxpayer protections in Proposition 13 have been introduced and are being heard in committees. If approved, these bills could cost every property owner thousands of dollars annually.
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13 and taxpayers.

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