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Hepatitis Free Mongolia

Please view this short video on the Hepatitis Free Mongolia 2017 program.  This program is a joint effort and the Rotary International is a major part of the program.  You can view the video by following this link

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, the Lodi Rotary Club hosted a presentation by Merideth Potts, the Executive Director of the Flagstaff International Relief Effort (FIRE) since 2004.  FIRE has been honored to work closely with local Rotary Clubs since 2004.  During the 2004 and 2005 aid distribution trips in Mongolia, the assistants and translators were volunteers from the Ulaanbaatar RotarAct Club.


In 2006, in cooperation with the Ulaanbaatar Rotary Club, FIRE brought 80 computers to Mongolia — each loaded with English language teaching software and distributed to 12 schools in both Ulaanbaatar and rural Mongolia, including a deaf-student learning lab and vocational school.  

In the fall of 2017, FIRE worked with the Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar and Flagstaff Rotary Club to implement “Hepatitis Free Mongolia,” a Rotary funded Global Grant, #1529067. This project will be repeated in Khovd Province in Spring 2019 under GG#1864800.

If you would like to help FIRE or would like to get more information contact Meredith Potts.  

Flagstaff International Relief Effort, PO Box 22187, Flagstaff, AZ 86002 USA TEL: 1-928-779-2288.

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