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UltraSound Grant Project Completed in 2020

In early 2019, the President=Elect Mike Hodge proposed a Global Grant with the Philippines after a cultural exchange with District 3820 in the Spring of 2018.  After discussion with PI PDG Rey Castillo, President Mike Hodge (2019-20) decided with the club's approval that the Lodi Rotary club would initiate a grant to purchase an Ultrasound Machine for the Batangas Medical Center (BMC) in the PI.  Global Grant 1987474 was initiated and subsequently approved in the Spring of 2020 by Rotary international.

As part of documentation a needs survey was conducted by the Downtown Batangas Rotary Club. Part of the survey included an interview with the Chief of the BMC as to the need.  You can view the interview here.


The Lodi Rotary Club 583 partnered with the Downtown Batangas Rotary club to purchase an Ultrasound (cost approximately $100,000 US.  The clubs agreed to the following:  Lodi (District 5220 would fund 70% and District PI 3820 30% of the cost.  Lodi Rotary contributed $10,500 in cash and the remainder of the D 5220 funds came from DDF.  RI matched the donations to complete the purchase. Pictured to the right is the set up of Ultrasound machine.

On June 5, 2020 a dedication ceremony was held via Zoom (We were in the Covid 19 lockdown at the time).  Pictured on the right are principals involved with getting the grant approved and the machine purchased.  Below are some pictures from the Zoom Ceremony. A short video was made of the ceremony and you can view it here.

You can read the GG by clicking here.

club certificate.png
PI PDG Rey Castillo.png

PI PDG Rey Castillo

D 3820


PP Lodi Rotary Mike Hodge


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