Monthly Meetings Highlights

March 8, 2018

A lot happened at our meeting yesterday.  We had a presentation, Paul Harris + 6 award and inducted a new member.

The Presentation
Guest Speaker Tyler Richardson, Chief Business Services Officer for VOLT in Stanislaus County. The VOLT Institute’s mission is to train high-quality candidates to enter the workforce with skills that are in demand by industries in the Central Valley Region. You can find out more by visiting their website

Paul Harris +6
Paul Harris +6 Award to Dan Ingrum - congratulations Dan for your inspiration and being a driving force behind WOW and thank you for your generosity.


Inducted a New Member
Welcome to MaryAnne Sullivan of Helping people get rid of clutter.  MaryAnne had visited our club several times before joining and has been a Rotarian in the past. As a matter of fact she has belonged to several clubs.  It must have been our charm, no wait, she recognized that we needed more women to keep us straight.

January 18, 2017

This meeting was highlighted by having three Bear Creek High School students (Richard Emiko, Lauren Oaks and Jayden Reyes) deliver speeches centered on the theme, Making a Difference.  Their sponsor, Karen Minick,  was proud of their efforts.  The speakers were limited to 5 minutes each and the competition was administered by Jeff Thompson, Club Speech Coordinator, and judged by Cathie Bacher-Woods, Tony Amador, President-Elect, and Phil Lenser.  Bob Slayback timed the speakers.  

First place went to Richard, second place to Jayden and third place to Lauren.  Pictures of each student are shown below with a brief statement from the highlights of their speech.  America, not to worry, our next generation will make a difference.

We also welcomed new members.  Cathie Backer-Woods (left) was welcomed as a new member into Lodi Rotary Club 583 and Amy Faulkner (right) was welcomed into our Satellite Club.

We also had returning guests Paul Bickford and MaryAnne Sullivan.  If you are not a Rotarian you are missing out on an opportunity to "Make a Difference.

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